Walking the talk: How we use our own Yuvo system during this Coronavirus outbreak

With new cases of coronavirus patients being confirmed in Singapore day after day, the leadership at Yuvo made the decision to protect our team by reducing the amount of contact outside and for all of us to work from home. The decision was spontaneous — we agreed to it at 10pm last night.


We were prepared as we had brought our laptops home in response to the DORSCON level raised from yellow to orange* last Friday.

*Definition: Disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person, but disease has not spread widely in Singapore and is being contained.

As a tech software company, we decided to take all work communications online using our own platform as we activated our continuity plans. Yuvo is an all-in-one business productivity platform to enable our clients to leverage the best of technology for their businesses. While we swear by our functionality, the current crisis presented us with a real-life situation to put Yuvo to test.

What better time to see how our workflows, internal communications system, HRIS and shared drive could help a company effortlessly maintain business continuity and productivity!

1. Internal Communications Chat

Prior to this novel coronavirus outbreak, we have already been actively using our YuvoChat internal communications system to communicate with the rest of our team based in Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, and India.

In response to this situation, our company has set up a dedicated chat group to send out announcements to keep everyone updated on news related to the virus and the steps and implementations our company is taking to combat it. The Town Hall channel also ensures no communication from management is missed out.

2. YuvoDrive

After finishing my assigned blog post for the day, I uploaded the documents onto our YuvoDrive and shared them with the editor-in-charge. The file was uploaded smoothly and it was great — I didn’t feel like working remotely had caused me much additional hassle.

3. Workflows

I received a task reminder today from the system to prepare a token of appreciation for my colleague Karthik’s upcoming work anniversary at Yuvo. According to company protocol, I ordered a card and a box of chocolates online, to be delivered on Friday.

Our automated workflows system is always up and running and sends us reminders and allocated tasks for standard company protocol and procedures so we won’t have try to remember so many things.

4. Leave Management

Thankfully, even in this flu-laden period, our team has been generally healthy and well. Yet, should anyone fall sick, we know we can simply submit a leave application via the Yuvo mobile app and our manager will be notified and choose to approve or reject our leave.

Leave application view for web app
Web app view for leave application
Leave application view from mobile app
Leave application view from mobile app
Mobile app view of leave status
Leave application view from the mobile app


We may not know how much longer this coronavirus will stay around, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’ll pass much sooner than we think. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy everyone!

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