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Business Uninterrupted, During These “Work From Home” Times

The COVID-19 situation highlights how companies need to be prepared for continuity at all times and how work from home takes on added importance.

4 Steps to Decide on the Right Business Technology Solutions for HR

In the past decade, HR tasks have seen the rapid adoption of automation through the use of business technology softwares. This has been a tremendous help to HR professionals, who have kept up with the HR evolution digitally. However, the question now is: which software to choose?

5 Trends in HR Show that Automating People-Centric Processes is theĀ Future

Businesses today are increasingly turning to technology to enhance their productivity, and to find ways to engage their employees and build a positive work culture. With existing technology available more than capable to perform many functions in a company, HR have to remain flexible to adjust to the changing trends, and maximise the benefits of tech for the future.