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HR Tools
Hiring and onboarding

Great Onboarding Experience

Onboarding becomes radically efficient. Our platform handles everything from sending offer letters to adding new hires to payroll and benefits – all online and within minutes. A new hire can self onboard from any device all before their first day, allowing for a seamless and an enjoyable start.

HR Productivity Tools

Tools Built For You And Your Team

It’s time to stop managing your team the traditional way. We’ve built tools from the ground up to make your daily work simpler and more streamlined. Available to all employees anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

  • Company Directory

    A single platform to browse all your colleagues’ contact information.

  • Organization Chart

    View graphical representations of the people in your company and the relationships between them.

  • KPI Trackers

    Track and manage all key performance indicators with dashboards, reports and alerts.

  • File Storage and Management

    A single and secured platform for all employee-related documents and information.

  • Digital HR Templates and Resources

    Helpful corporate templates for your workplace.

  • Internal Broadcasting and Communications

    Provide important notifications and alerts to employees across multiple channels – email, SMS, mobile notification – thus minimising any chances of missed messages.

HR Templates

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