Yuvo has the right solution for every need your organization has, irrespective of your stage of growth.

Choose the solutions that work for you or use our all-in-one platform for the best employee engagement.

Manage Your Workforce

Keep HR and compliance simple

Recruit, seamlessly onboard, train, measure & improve employee performance — all in one platform. Draw from best global practices for your HR needs.

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Key Benefits

All your payroll, leave, claims and employee protocol at your fingertips

Apply, approve and manage requests all on one platform — no more back-and-forth communication

Enable an incredible experience for new employees right from recruitment to their first day of work

Communicate seamlessly and introduce new hires to key colleagues even before Day One starts

Use AI-based recruitment and data analytics for the right hires

Shortlist and streamline hiring processes — increased convenience for hiring managers and prospective candidates

Know your KPI — no more ambiguity

Track employee performance of KPIs based on real data, with our Performance Appraisal Manager

Draw from our global standard HR templates and customize them, or create your own

Reduce unnecessary time spent creating documents from scratch

Seamlessly onboard employees
with no effort

Paperless self-onboarding for all essential employee documents and information with our onboarding module, all through your phone

  • Automated and Customizable Payroll System
  • AI-Assisted Recruitment
  • Performance Appraisal Manager
  • Paperless Employee Onboarding
  • Dynamic Customizable HR Templates with E-Signature
  • Integrated Calendar Synced with Mobile
  • Workflow-Integrated Internal Chat System
  • Predictive Analytics Report with Insights