<COVID-19 Special>
Stay home, stay safe!! FULL WAIVER of Telemedicine consultation + Medicine Delivery charges under the YuvoPrime by Fullerton Health plan. Get it now >>

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In sensitive times like this, even a visit to the doctor can be an anxiety-filled experience.
For non-urgent cases, the telemedicine option allows you peace of mind as you consult a doctor online, while keeping to the social distancing measures.

In partnership with Fullerton Health, we are pleased to offer you:

GP Consultation at over 400+ Clinics in Singapore

  • @$10 per consult* for all YuvoPrime members
  • @$12 per consult* for all Yuvo Standard members
  • Complimentary executive health screening*
  • Corporate rates for Specialist Doctor Panel, TCM & Dental


Full waiver

on Telemedicine consultation + Medicine Delivery charges

For all registered Yuvo members till 30 Jun 2021

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