Yuvo has the right solution for every need your organization has, irrespective of your stage of growth.

Choose the solutions that work for you or use our all-in-one platform for the best employee engagement.

Engage Your People

Enhance business productivity

Happy employees make happier and profitable businesses. Use our workflows, communications systems and secure platform to make your team more productive, sharper and profitable.

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Key Benefits

Communication is Key

Chat and form groups easily with internal chat groups

Have meetings anywhere, anytime with audio or video calls

Meetings no longer have to be in-person; connect with your team in any part of the world

Assign and receive tasks from team mates to complete individual and team goals

Automate repeatable workflows so everyone knows their role: from company protocol to birthday parties!

Track employee performance based on real data, tied to their KPIs and corporate goals

Keep managers and employees accountable and aligned to their deliverables

Edit documents in real-time, hassle-free

No need to download and upload documents each time changes are made

Know who you work with

Quick visualization of members and structure of the organization with our Organization Chart

Understand your team dynamics better

Reports and data-driven insights that build on the strengths of team, and point out areas for improvement

  • AI-Assisted Workflow Manager
  • Workflow-Integrated Internal
    Communications System
  • Secure Audio and Video Call
  • Online Document Storage with In-App Editing
  • 10GB Secure Cloud-Based Storage
  • Validated Employee Reference Check Module
  • Integrated Performance Manager
  • 360 Degree Evaluation
  • Predictive Analytics Report with Insights