4 Steps to Decide on the Right Business Technology Solutions for HR

In the past decade, HR tasks have seen the rapid adoption of automation through the use of business technology software. This has been a tremendous help to HR professionals, and kept them in step with the digital evolution.

However, the question now is: which software to choose and how?

The HR team is the one holding the fort when it comes to members of every department: recruiting, managing, and maintaining the well-being of people across the whole company. Redirecting your time to be more efficient with HR tasks and strategy is often a challenge because let’s admit it: there are always mountains of work to do in this field.

Business technology solutions for HR

The myriad of software options out there, while a good thing, have since presented new problems. For example, the need to shop around for the easiest and most affordable employee management platform that everybody in the company can get used to. And not be stuck with a white elephant, just because that seemed to be the flavor of the season! Did we mention testing the software out? it just gets more time-consuming than it needs to be!

These long-standing problems in efficiency and time management really should not be a problem anymore. We suggest four quick ways to minimize the hassle of product comparisons without breaking the bank.

1. Choose the business technology solution that can serve most, if not all of your company’s needs

What are the needs of every division that your role as an HR professional is expected to facilitate? This is the question you need to start with.

Conduct a mini survey for the whole company or a one-on-one with each team’s representative. Make a checklist of the answers from each division to guide you in deciding from the pool of business technology softwares available.

2. Check out reviews to filter your options fast

Business technology solutions for SME

When shopping for a business technology software, the best hack would be to go straight to the review page. To best understand what a product has to offer, reviews play a crucial part. After screening the main product features for their suitability and your company’s budget, reviews should be your go-to source of information.

If a company has earned a handful of recommendations and good reviews by users on forums or on app stores, you can take comfort in knowing that others have tried and tested the product. Also, pay attention to the company’s portfolio of brands that have worked with them, as it can help boost your confidence about using the software.

3. Get the whole HR team on board to test the demo for a week

Business technology solutions for SME

After narrowing down to the 2 or 3 best software options for your company, subscribe for a free trial run. Test them out for about a week each within the HR team to get a feel of how suitable each one is for the whole company. Remember: you shouldn’t have to carry the load and stress of evaluating options alone; you can and should weigh feedback and opinions from your team.

Once you wrap up on the trial phase, let the HR team cast a vote on which platform would best help with their workflow. Alternatively, ask the HR team to present on the pros and cons of each software they have tested out to weigh the best option for the company.

4. Count your costs

Let’s do the math here… a typical SME in Singapore would like to have an ideal combination of a basic payroll system, communications platform, cloud storage system, insurance coverage for employees among others. And then add in additional budgets for employee welfare, recruitment fees, medical benefits, employee recognition and other miscellaneous fees. 
Add up these costs and you might be shocked to realise: These numbers are far from being insignificant!


That’s not the end of it. You will have additional decisions to make: With so many software specializing in different functions, can they all be integrated so that users and management have the right data in the right place at the right price?

And these are not rhetorical questions.

Do keep a lookout for software solutions that offer you an easy integrated all-in-one solution, if one exists for your needs. This might significantly lower your operating and technology costs, besides the additional advantage of all users seeing value from using one single solution instead of very many different ones.

Try it out for yourself to see if it works for you.

Now, after implementing the above four ways to decide on the best business technology software to use, let your company use it and watch your productivity soar! After all, that is what you are in business for!!

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