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Keep Hustling, We Got Your Back!

Our integrated digital solutions ensure SMEs run their business efficiently

Flexible offerings to increase efficiency of complete business, or simply a single process

Choose an all-in-one solution with Yuvo Prime, opt for a bundle such as HRIS, or simply choose a single tool such as Leave management, Performance management etc. You can also create your own bundle by hand-picking the tools that you need.

HRIS Bundle

  • Leave management
  • Payroll management
  • Expense management
  • HR templates
  • Digital onboarding
  • Company directory
  • Employee directory
  • Organization chart

Business Productivity Bundle

  • Performance management
  • Workflow management
  • Internal communications
  • File storage and sharing
  • Surveys
  • Team calendar

Employee Engagement Bundle

  • Rewards, Cashbacks & Deals
  • Health & Medical
  • Insurance
  • Flex spend wallet
  • Marketplace
  • Learning Management

Yuvo Prime Bundle (All-in-one)

  • All ‘HRIS’ tools
  • All ‘Business Productivity’ tools
  • All ‘Employee Engagement’ tools

Growing businesses trust Yuvo

Why do growing businesses prefer Yuvo?

Single software to run your entire business

When you use a single, integrated, digital software, employees don’t work in silos anymore. They work collaboratively, communicate proactively, processes get streamlined, work gets automated, hours get more productive, business more efficient, and you can focus on the bigger picture! That’s why people chose us.

Simple & easy everything

With us, doing business is simple, literally. Our digital solutions are easy to use, easy to set up, easy to customize as per your needs, easy to integrate with, easy to do everything. There is just one thing which is easier, reaching us when you need!

Increased productivity, increased profits

Through the effective use of technology, we automate work that is repetitive, simplify what’s complex and streamline what’s unstructured, thus ensuring higher productivity from employees. Single integrated software means that you spend 1/10th the cost and also reduce paper wastage thus significantly impacting the bottom line.

Compliant with regulations

Being compliant with regulations can be tedious – numerous calculations, endless rules and processes to follow, critical submissions, stringent formats and frequent regulation updates to adhere to. However, all of this is automatically taken care of by our software. All you have to do is choose us. Easy, isn’t it?

Competitive pricing

With prices starting from as low as SGD 3 per employee per month (for single module), our pricing is as competitive as it gets – compare it to anyone in the market. Also, you don’t have to pay us upfront; try us FREE for the first 3 months, if you don’t like us, cancel your subscription at no cost.


Is Yuvo a cloud-based software?

Yes, Yuvo is a cloud-based software. Being a cloud-based software, it ensures that the information and the system is always accessible, no matter where you or your employees are located. With flexible or remote working now becoming a norm, Yuvo ensures that your work files can be easily accessed and worked upon with high security and privacy standards maintained.

What types of companies does Yuvo cater to?

Yuvo platform caters to small to medium businesses, from 2 to 500 employees. We are easy to scale – as your business grows our systems are capable to support your growth. Our services are industry agnostic and we serve across a wide range of industries. If your company is interested in increasing your efficiency through integrated digital solutions, get in touch with us and we will provide you options which are customized to your needs.

How secure is Yuvo?

Yuvo software is highly secured at multiple levels. At a user level, there are secured logins for administrators and individual employees. At an infrastructure level, Yuvo infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Service, which is built to provide highest privacy and data security standards. We also ensure host security, application security, and data security. We constantly monitor, review and upgrade our security protocols to ensure complete security and privacy.

Can I subscribe to individual modules instead of whole software?

Yes, with Yuvo you can chose to enjoy the benefits of single, integrated system with all tools accessible or choose to select one or multiple tools as per your business requirements. You pay only for what you use. Choosing to subscribe to all the tools at once has tons of advantages, however if you require just a single tool or a bundle of few tools, you can easily do so.